Sala de Despiece is the new gastronomic space that OHLAB has designed for the restaurateur Sr. Bonet in Madrid. 

Sr. Bonet’s culinary proposal for Sala de Despiece is a simple and efficient formula that highlights the cooking raw material, always of the best quality. The preparation is simple yet impeccable and with an original touch. For this reason the cook’s team references are found in the best fish markets, slaughterhouses and cattle breeders and those have also been the references when creating the place. The location in Ponzano Street, one of the classical routes of Madrid’s tapeo, made that the space would be proposed without formal tables but for a casual and standing up kind of tasting experience.

The project starts with a main gesture, an element that crosses the space lengthways, a 10 meter white polyethylene cutting board performs as a quartering slab, cooking countertop, bar and, in one of it ends it becomes the only formal dining table. In the ceiling, slaughterhouse railings with moving hooks offer service to guests and cooks working as a mobile platform for cutlery, product lists, condiments and food.

The simple and efficient palette of materials fits with the tight budget of the project: pvc flooring with exposed drains allow for hose down cleaning, white tiling for easy washing, bar and furniture structure made in stainless steel, central table in white polyethylene and, lastly, ceiling and walls’ higher areas are cladded with the same polystyrene boxes used for fresh fish transportation providing good acoustics in the room.

The general lighting is indirect using the step created in the transition of materials between the tiles and the polystyrene boxes. A white light linear lamp illuminates intensely the bar emphasizing the food while some industrial refrigerator fixtures provide soft light. Finally, in one side of the bar four glazed fridges are lit showing fresh food and drinks. Aligned to these glazed fridges there are two backlit glass cabinets featuring a real scale “montaplex” kind of installation with knives and tools used to cut meat and fish.

Sala de Despiece is a project created in close collaboration with Sr. Bonet’s team to adapt the space to a simple, fast, raw and efficient culinary concept.

OHLAB team: Paloma Hernaiz y Jaime Oliver, Rebeca Lavín, Elena Campos, Beatriz Garbajosa, Kadriye Yaça
Graphic design: Joan Chito
Photos: Miguel de Guzmán

Awards: Winner of the AJAC IX Awards

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